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Support policy


We strongly believe in what we do, and our goal is to create beautiful and functional products that you can use and enjoy.

For this reason, every product of ours comes with extensive documentation and support, and is regularly updated, if needed.

You can access the product documentation both inside the package you’ve downloaded, and online on our Support platform.

Our Support platform offers a ticket system, by which you can notify us of a problem with the product.

In order to keep valuable information organized, and to provide a better service to our users, please note that support is offered on the Support platform only. Support requests submitted elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter, ThemeForest, email, etc.), will all be redirected to the Support platform.

The support service may be subjected to alterations over time, or be temporarily suspended for various reasons, such as system maintenance, vacation period, etc.

Changes about the support service will be promptly communicated on your dashboard and other communication channels (Twitter, Facebook).


We’re very committed to offer quality support, yet we’re a small team and we do our best to help our customers with the product they have purchased.

As you’ll understand, the difference between what is considered support and what is a modification to the product as it was originally released is very thin: it’ll be our care to fix bugs and anomalies (style, rendering and functionality issues) only directly referable to our products.

Concerning small changes, we’ll try our best to assist you if it only requires the modification of 2/3 lines of code, by either suggesting what to change, or pointing you in the right direction.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes are covered by our support, and bugs notices must be sent via our ticket system.

When submitting a bug report, try and be as descriptive as you can, in order to put us in the condition to fully address your issue.

It is our care to fix bugs as quickly as possible, generally within 24–72 hours from our last communication on the subject.


We provide our Products as is. We do not customize our Products or support any 3rd Party customizations of our Products or any 3rd Party plugin. A customization is anything that changes the way our Products look or function relative to how we make our Products available to you.

For anything other than simple changes, we suggest that you hire a skilled developer. Beware that by heavily editing complex files like Javascript or framework files you can break the product functionalities and, as stated before, such changes won’t be covered by support.

Support hours

Please note that we reply to support questions during working weekdays (monday through friday) and that we’re located in the GMT+2 timezone (central Europe).


We’re proud of our products and we hope you’ll enjoy using them just as much as we do :)