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Theme options

Fenix global options can be found under the Fenix → Options page in your WordPress admin area and are divided in Global options and Post Type options.

Under the Options section, you will find all the global options for the theme.


Preloaders are used to show a loading element before the page is ready to be displayed. Preloaders are activated site wide, and offer several display styles to choose from, together with the option to display the website’s logo next to the loading element.

Post Types

For each post type, like Posts or the Projects, the option panel puts at your disposal a set of specific option sections. Under the Blog section, you’ll be able to control page Layout, loop layout and which sidebar is used in posts’ single pages, archives or blog index. Similarly, you can do the same with the Search results page and Project entries.

These options are particularly helpful if you need to batch modify several pages in a specific area, like applying to all the single posts a specific custom Layout: in this case, you’d navigate to Fenix → Blog → Single, and then choose the Layout you want to apply from the Layout select. After hitting Save, all the single posts that do not override that setting in their editing page, will then use that Layout when displayed.

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