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The Projects Custom Post Type it’s an easy and powerful way to showcase your works and create an amazing portfolio.

You can access to the Projects section from your WordPress admin interface.

Being a CPT, you can create multiple projects, and then group them together in Portfolio-like pages creating content using the Brix page builder plugin, using its Portfolio content block.

Single projects

The Project structure is composed by a standard WordPress title/content area plus a featured image, that will be used as cover image in Portfolio pages. Portfolio pages can be easily created using the Projects loop generated by the “Portfolio” builder block.

Single projects are also defined by a Data meta box with several custom options, like a subtitle, meta information, layout and a gallery of images and videos.

Single projects can also be filed under Project Categories: categorized project can then be filtered in Portfolio pages.

Meta data

The most interesting aspect of the single project Data meta box is that the same meta data isn’t only displayed in single project pages, but can also be used later in Portfolio pages to create amazing multiple filters.

There are three built-in metas that can be used in your projects: year, role and client. If you need to add other meta data of your choice, you can easily do so by using the fenix_projects_metas filter.


Under the Layout section of the Data meta box you can find 3 layout presets available for the single project page.

Each layout width can be altered by checking the “Extended layout” option, that will in factremove the max-width applied to the structure and let the page content fit the browser window.

The medias in the galleries are not opened in a light box by default when clicked, but you can enable that functionality by switching on the Lightbox option.

The middle layout preset, the one with the media content in the right column, has a custom option to make the details column stick in place when you’re scrolling down the page: this can be useful if you have long list media images and videos and you want to keep the project details always visible.

Project gallery

A project gallery can be composed by images and videos, and displayed in 5 different ways: image stream, carousel, slideshow, grid and masonry.

If you need to add an image to your stream just click on the Media library button under the “Media items” option, or on the External embed button, if you need to add a video. Every media item can be sorted by dragging the preview element.

Images also support captions through a Caption option that will enable the display of the media item caption text.

Portfolio pages

Portfolio pages can be easily created using the Projects loop generated by the Portfolio builder block, that will allow you to display a list of Projects in different formats.

Optionally, you can also enable a Filter on top of the list of Projects, so that individual items can be filtered by Project Category, or meta data.

Additionally, a Portfolio page can also be set as the “index” page for all the published Projects: the Projects Index page option, that can be found in the theme options page under Fenix → Projects, allows you to enable a “master” portfolio page, which Projects will link back to from their individual pages, so that you can offer users a quick link that specific page when, perhaps, they’ve landed on a particular single project page.

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