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The Albums Custom Post Type allows you to group media items together and display them on your website in a variety of ways.

You can access to the Albums section from your WordPress admin interface.

Being a CPT, you can create multiple albums, and then group them together using the Brix page builder plugin, with its Albums content block.

Single albums

Individual albums are defined by a set of media items, both images and external embeds from services such as YouTube or Vimeo. You can add media items to an album under the Album gallery section in the Data meta box in the album editing screen.

Available to you are a number of options that allow you to control how those media items are shown in page.

For example, you can control their layout with the Gallery type control, or choose to distribute all of your media items over multiple pages, by chosing to display only a certain number of items at a time.

The medias in the galleries are opened in a lightbox by default when clicked, but you can disable that functionality by switching off the Lightbox option.

Images also support captions through a Caption option that will enable the display of the media item caption text when they’re loaded in the lightbox.

Meta data

Additionally, a set of meta data can be added to albums to further define their content. Meta data isn’t only displayed in single album pages, but can also be used later in pages that use the Albums content block in Brix to create amazing multiple filters.

There are two built-in metas that can be used in your album: year and client. If you need to add other meta data of your choice, you can easily do so by using the fenix_albums_metas filter.

Albums content block

The Albums content block allows you to display a link to the albums you’ve created.

You can either load all the albums in your website, or filter them by category, or even precisely pick the ones you intend to display, also controlling their order.

Optionally, you can also enable a Filter on top of the list of albums, so that individual items can be filtered by Album Category, or meta data.

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