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Installing demo content

Fenix provides a variety of pre-built demos that you can import and use right away on your installation.

In order to perform the installation of the demo content, please make sure that the Fenix demos importer plugin is installed and active, and then, from the Fenix section on your WordPress backend, navigate to the Demo content tab to find a list of all the available demos.

In this page, the demos are displayed in a grid-like layout. Moving your mouse over an image will make two action buttons appear, to preview and install the demo: while the first is a simple link to the demo preview, by clicking on the Install button, an installation procedure will start and all the pages and images needed  by the demo will be added to your installation.

If the online demo shows some content generated with an external plugin, such as WooCommerce for example, make sure to activate the required plugin(s) before starting the demo import procedure.

Please note that some of the images used in the online demo may be replaced with creative commons images from Unsplash. Images are always intended for demo purposes only.

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