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How to update

Fenix is updated regularly, bringing in new features, providing security enhancements, fixing bugs, and generally be compatible with the latest and greatest WordPress version available.

When a new update is published, there are two ways for you to update your theme.

Auto updates

An auto update functionality has been bundled in the theme, which will allow you to receive automatic notifications of a new update being published, and will allow you to instantly update your copy to its latest version.

You can access to the Auto update section by clicking on the Fenix menu item in your WordPress backend interface and navigate through the Auto update tab.

After clicking on the Activate your theme button, you will prompted with a popup screen that will ask you to log into your Envato account in order to verify your purchase. After that, you’ll be redirected to a page with an authentication code: just copy that code, go back to you theme’s backend, and paste it in the field in the Auto updates section and click Save.

If all went well, your is now authenticated and eligible to get automatic updates.

Auto updates work with child themes as well: in the case an update to the parent theme is available, you will be able to update it automatically and transparently without touching the child theme’s code.

Manual updates

As soon as a new update comes out, the new updated version will be available on your ThemeForest Downloads section, making sure to download the Installable WordPress file only.

After you got a copy of the updated theme, you have two options:

Log into your site via FTP or cPanel and delete the old theme folder and then upload the new archive you’ve just downloaded and unpack it in the themes directory.

Make sure you make a backup of the old version of your theme just in case something goes wrong.

Another choice that you have is to rename folder that contains the now old version of the theme. This will allow you to successfully upload the new version of the theme.

In the case you’re manually updating the theme, make sure to only update the main/parent theme, not any child themes that you might be using.

Updating the required/suggested plugins

When a new theme update comes out, the required/suggested plugins, even when they’re distributed as a bundle together with the theme itself, may require to be updated as well.

Should that happen, a warning sign will be displayed near to the Fenix item in the WordPress admin menu. By going to that page, you’ll see a notice that will tell you which plugins need to be updated and will give you instructions about how to do it.

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