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How to upload a logo

In order to upload your own logo into the theme, you’ll need to have a Layout set for your installation. If you’re unsure about how to set a Layout to be used by your pages and posts, please take a look at the Layouts section in the documentation. After you’ve created the Layout, in the […]

How to find and modify an element via CSS

To find and style an element on your page via CSS, you need to find the appropriate CSS selector and then apply some CSS style on it. For example: selector { color: red; } To actually add custom CSS into the theme, we advice you to use the WordPress Customizer: after accessing the Customizer, look […]

I keep getting 404 errors

If any of the theme’s pages displays a 404 error instead of their actual content, it’s very likely that you’ll have to rebuild your permalink structure. You can do so by accessing the Settings > Permalinks page in the WordPress admin area, select your desired permalinks structure, and save the changes.

My images do not look good, what can I do?

If your images don’t look good (e.g. too pixelated or stretched) you probably need to regenerate your thumbnails. You can do so using a plugin like Force Regenerate Thumbnails that will clear your Media Library unused image sizes and create the new ones used from our theme. This issue may occur when you install the […]

How can I translate the theme?

The default locale for our themes is en_US. If you want to change a translatable string in the theme without changing the theme locale, you must create a new .po file using the the languages/default.pot file provided in the theme, and name it following the locale convention (e.g. en_US.po for English, etc.). If you want […]

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