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Introducing Fenix


Defining a new standard in terms of performance, customizability and ease of use.

Included demos

Take a look at the included demo content, quick and easy to install!

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A fresh take on
multipurpose themes

Have you ever tried to create a website and, after hours of attempts, the end result wasn’t really what you had in mind?

We’d like to take a moment to tell you why we’ve created Fenix, the multi-purpose theme we’ve always wanted to build. Born from years of experience, Fenix goal is to provide a tool to go live quickly, with a beautiful presentation and still be easily editable.

Keep reading about Fenix, and learn why this theme can be all that, and much more: the ideal canvas for your next project.

Truly multi-purpose

Fenix can be used in every context, with any skill level: a great set of tools are always at your fingertips and are just exactly what you need.

Solid foundation

Fenix is battle tested and future proof: it is expandable, customizable and built to be modular.

Ready to go

With so much power at your disposal, no matter what you do, the end result will always be amazing, making Fenix the top choice for your projects.

Are you ready to create your next website?

Start using Fenix today and enjoy a new world of possibilities!

A layout for
every need

Layouts are presets of header and footer designs that can be shared across pages, posts or the entire website.

Ever had the need to apply a particular header or footer layout to just one page? Or maybe to a particular post type? In Fenix, Layouts are just for that!

With a Layout you determine the look and feel of your pages, as well as their behavior: choose between horizontal or vertical navigation, make the header scroll or stick in place, and select among various combinations of presets for the site logo and navigation.

Every page
is unique

Page headers are the first thing visitors see in your page, so why not make them awesome to capture their attention?

Pages and posts feature a page header builder: you can select a particular page header layout, apply images, videos and effects on both the media and the text, or create amazing sliders in a matter of seconds with the controls already built-in in the theme.

Got a plugin for sliders and headers, such as LayerSlider or Slider Revolution? Just plug them in, and they’ll work wonders!

The most advanced page builder at your service

Fenix is the perfect match for our own advanced page builder plugin Brix and was designed to get the most out of it.

With the great Brix power under the hood, you’ll be able to precisely control even the tiniest detail of your design in a professional way thanks to the most advanced grid management system ever created.

Mega Menu

Mega Menus can display complex links structures in a dropdowns. Select elements, columns and even buttons, along with decorative images.


Fenix integrates with the Customizer to completely control colors and typography, with 800+ fonts available, and integration with Typekit and external sources.

Learn more


Projects allow you to create your portfolio pages where they can be displayed, categorized and filtered by multiple parameters.

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Mobile friendly

Pick custom layouts, logos and grid settings for when your website will be accessed from a mobile device.

SEO ready

Boost your page ranking thanks to complete control over content markup and support to major WordPress SEO plugins like YOAST.


Fenix and WooCommerce work great together, and with Brix you’ll have a dedicated set of content blocks and controls to get your shop up and running.

Trusted by thousands

Over several years, 9000+ happy customers chose us for their web projects.

These numbers motivate us to keep pushing out better products and improve our infrastructure and experience by offering dedicated support.

Time for a change!

Start using Fenix today and change the way you build websites!

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