Rebranding THBThemes

As you’ll have certainly noticed, things have changed a lot around here. We’ve been publishing our themes on ThemeForest for more than five years, and during this period we’ve always been attempting to push the bar higher, always trying to publish a product better than its predecessor, embodying the values of what we think a […]

Hello, Brix!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? In the past year, we’ve created a company, called Evolve, a design and development shop that is specialized in WordPress. Powering more than 25% of the web, WordPress is far from being the humble little blogging software it was a few years ago. Now using a robust […]

Introducing Ristorante

Creating a restaurant/café/pub theme has been on our minds for quite some time. We think that themes should mean something for those who use them, and that they should help them in running their businesses. With Ristorante, we project this vision in an easy & powerful menu management system, in simple yet flexible event pages, […]

Meet Superba

While we certainly are no strangers to designing photographic themes, we always though we could do better. Great feedback from our users has been the driving force of the design process, and one thing that kept popping up was that more relevance could be given to the real protagonists of the show: the photos themselves. […]

WordCamp Europe 2014

For the next three days, we’ll be in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the second edition of the WordCamp Europe, which sort of looks like a huge yet friendly reunion of WordPress people from around the world. Last year’s experience was incredible and surely went beyond our expectations. The nice aspect about things like this is that […]

WordPress Media Selector

We’ve created a tiny Javascript library to help theme and plugin developers interact with the native WordPress media library modal window. It provides the means to customize modal texts, single/multiple selection and media library items type filter. Since the library is based upon the new WordPress Media Manager, it is intended to be used with […]

About Envato’s items support proposal

Yesterday Envato revealed their intentions regarding items support on the ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplaces. The article itself, and recap posts around the net, combined with the thread over at ThemeForest forums are all well worth a read. Could we abstain ourselves from chiming in? Of course not! Support is a core activity of our daily […]

5 different ways to use Voyager

Voyager is our latest creation, it’s a flexible multipurpose WordPress theme and it’s the first theme ever with a built-in system for geolocalized information, with a marked focus on storytelling. With so many things to do at your fingertips, let us briefly illustrate five different possible applications Voyager can be used for. 1. Travel blogging […]

On selling themes

Lately we’ve been reading some posts advocating segmentation in the WordPress themes and plugins market. Segmentation means raising standards, creating for niches, and pricing things according to their value, in order to separate them from the growing mass of poorly conceived products. We’ve been in the themes business for three years now, and we kid you […]

Welcome to our new home

A little over four months has passed since our announcement about the changes we wanted to introduce in the way we create and maintain our products. Our goal is to create beautiful and functional products that you can use and enjoy. In the past, we’ve been feeling that something wasn’t quite right about how we […]


Say hello to the best theme we’ve ever built: its name is One and it’s the creative & multipurpose theme for WordPress. One has everything you need to create an awesome and modern website, starting with our brand new page builder: with it you’ll be able to create as many layout combinations as you want, […]

Blaine: the multipurpose portfolio theme

Today we’d like to introduce our newest WordPress creation: it’s called Blaine and it’s the ultimate portfolio & multipurpose theme. With Blaine you’ll enjoy tons of layout options, especially in the portfolio department: four different layouts, including a great striped display that will let you compose a nice looking page with great color management (automatic […]

Upcoming changes

THBThemes were born almost three years ago, as a side project of The Happy Bit, a collaboration between Andrea & Simone, originally entirely focused on client work. Through these years, between highs and lows, we’ve strived to better define THBThemes, making it gain a preminent role in our everyday activities. Times are a-changin’ Selling WordPress […]

Oh hi, Zancudo!

Zancudo is our first theme of 2014 and is a gorgeous, flexible and fresh theme for photographers and artists. Following the footstepts of it predecessor Rockford, Zancudo features full-screen pictures and zippy photo albums management. Every page of the theme has support for a gorgeous slideshow. You can make it full-screen and add nice captions, […]

Welcoming Rockford

Say hello to Rockford, our latest WordPress creation, a fancy and versatile theme for photographers and artists. Two are the Rockford’s essential traits: full-screen pictures and photo albums. You can use full-screen images pretty much everywhere throughout the theme, especially in pages and Portfolio items. Albums, on the other hand, are our take at how […]

Introducing Extremist

There’s a new kid in town: meet Extremist, our latest WordPress creation, a clean, modern and extremely powerful theme that’s suitable for a variety of uses. Extremist was designed with the goal to create not only something fresh, with a wide scope of uses, but also deliver something valuable we hadn’t done before in our […]

Meet Exposure

Just one month after our release of Fotografia, we’re very happy to announce the release of Exposure, our latest theme for WordPress. Exposure was designed with the desire of creating a no-fuss, clear and straight to the point theme for everyone that’s willing to share photos with the World. We proud ourselves to  take premium […]

Introducing Fotografia

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the release of our new product “Fotografia”, a clean and classy theme for photographers.

Hello there!

It took a while, but we’ve finally made it! In these months we’ve been rethinking, rebuilding and redesigning our online presence with one simple goal in mind: start building the very best products that we can.